Hello, I am Mónica Rucabado, founder of Monica Ecco, and I would like to use this channel to communicate with you, tell you how and why the brand was born, for example. And a bit of my history too. I hope not to bore you.

The beginnings are always spectacular, wrapped in a mix of uncertainty, illusion and doubts. no matter how old you are or the time you have been working in the same sector, the sensations are usually those.

So that you know a little more about me, I will tell you about my professional career. I am already 48 years old and I have been at the foot of the canyon since I was 18, so I can tell you that I have not stopped. I come from the footwear sector, we started with shoe stores throughout Spain, with the Adela Gil group, I'm sure you knew some of these wonderful stores. It was a multi-brand project that gave us a lot of joy and, above all, training. We sold this brand to an investment fund, and once again we started a spectacular project, Alma en Pena. 

Also focused on footwear and founded from scratch. This project has been brutal, creating a collection of women's shoes, from manufacturing to international sale in large shopping centers and boutiques around the world, has not been easy. This brand is about to turn 15 years old. And it is certainly at its best.

Founding a company means doing everything, especially at the beginning, and that gives you a very important background to develop professionally. 

But really, my job has always been the brand image. Recognizing and valuing a brand all over the world is hard work, and that is what I am passionate about.

Creating a brand and growing little by little, giving it shape, sculpting every detail, like a sculptor sculpts a figure, is very beautiful.

Alma en Pena has required a lot of effort, and for a few months I have handed over the baton to my children, they are both at their best. I needed to rest, I have been out of the ring for 6 months, and now... I return to this new and exciting project of Monica Ecco.

We will continue shortly. Kisses


Me gusta 😍 la colección

Isabel % d% B,% Y

Me fascina vuestra ropa, y me encanta el cariño y dedicación que se nota en cada detalle, la he descubierto por casualidad y me parece realmente hermosa.
Un orgullo de proyecto creado por mujeres con esa tenacidad y espero para moldear lo que empieza en el corazón!
Me gusta mucho la moda y el diseño original y con cariño, elaboro muchas cosas a mano en crochet y artesanales, si algún día necesitáis algo, me encantaría ver cómo trabajáis y poder colaborar aunque sea en algo pequeñito…

Celia Torres % d% B,% Y

Me encanta leer sobre mujeres empoderadas, libres y con ganas de vivir. Descubrí Monicaecco por casualidad y ahora es una de mis tiendas de referencia. Me gustan las telas, la caida de los vestidos, la calidez en el trato y sobre todo que se nota que es algo personal. Un beso, un abrazo y mucho ánimo, algunas de nosotras siempre estaremos en este lado.

Esperanza Sotelo % d% B,% Y

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