As time goes by, Monica Ecco has completed our first year. We are happy with the road traveled. Starting a new brand of women's clothing and accessories is very complicated, and especially in these uncertain times. There are many brands, there are many options, but that has not been an impediment for me, since from the first moment I wanted something new, something that had above all my essence, my way of understanding fashion and image. Without a doubt we are achieving it, when things are done with love, dedication and without haste, they turn out well.

We thank you, because without you none of this would be possible, the @monicaeccolovers community grows every day and we love your messages, your questions and the love you give us every day.

Now we start the spring with more experience, with wonderful dresses , for any occasion. Those fabrics, those incredible prints, perfect for a party or event, those inspired by the boho world, with ruffles and embroidery. Retro style shirts in bright colors. And of course the ideal accessories, bags , belts and precious jewels .

Discover the most beautiful models for Spring.

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